Latania lontaroides (Red Latan Palm)


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Latania lontaroides (Red Latan Palm) is Small to medium-sized palm with deeply lobed, grey-green leaf-blades, to 1.5m across, with red-purple-flushed bases and leaf stalks. Greenish white to cream flowers are borne in summer.

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Common Name Red Latan Palm
Botanical Name Latania lontaroides
Height 10-16m
Spread 3-3.5m
Origin Mascarene Islands (Reuniun)
Category Palms
Family Arecaceae/ Palmae
Synonym Latania borbonica, Latania commersonii
Flower Colour Greenish-white
Drought Tolerance High
Salinity Tolerance Medium
Sun Tolerance High
Wind Tolerance High
Water-Log Tolerance Low
pH Level Basic
Pest Tolerance Medium
Disease Tolerance Medium
Growth Rate Slow
Fragrance No
Growth Habit Upright


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