Fortunella japonica (Kumquat)


Common Name Citrus
Botanical Name Fortunella japonica (Kumquat)
Height 3-4m
Spread 4-5m
Category Fruit Trees
Family Rutaceae
Flower Colour White
Drought Tolerance Low
Salinity Tolerance Low
Sun Tolerance High
Wind Tolerance High
Water-Log Tolerance Low
pH Level Basic
Pest Tolerance Medium
Disease Tolerance High
Growth Rate Medium
Fragrance Yes
Growth Habit Upright Spreading
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Citrus japonica ‘Japonica’ (common name: Marumi Kumquat or Morgani Kumquat) is a species of Kumquat. It is an evergreen tree. It produces edible golden-yellow colored fruit. The fruit is small and usually round but can be oval shaped. The peel has a sweet flavor but the fruit has a sour center. The fruit can be eaten raw and but mainly used to make marmalade and jelly. It is grown as an ornamental plant and can be used in bonsai. This plant is symbolized as good luck and are presented during the Chinese new year. It’s more commonly cultivated than most other kumquats as it is cold tolerant. It can be kept as a houseplant.


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